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Summer weight loss plan: 7 fun ways, plus 1 fast solution


It’s the Fourth of July! Time for fireworks and a celebration of freedom. Yes, the freedom enshrined in the Declaration of Independence, but also the freedom to get out there this summer and be active, to take charge of your health and lose weight.


It’s not too late to make this summer full of fat-busting, calorie-burning fun. (Summer only officially began June 21, after all!) And you don’t have to run a marathon in the heat and humidity to drop a few pounds.


There are many leisure activities that get you outdoors experiencing recreational joy while the weather is nice, and help you lose weight, too.


Here are seven fun ways to get fit, one for each day of every week left this summer:


  • swimming – You don’t have to race against a shark like Olympian Michael Phelps. Just treading water can be a good workout for your whole body.
  • kayaking – If the water’s too cold for a swim, stay on top in a kayak to work your arms and torso. Or try stand-up paddle boarding, which uses just about every muscle in your body to maintain balance.
  • hiking – If you’re a landlubber, check out a nearby park or nature preserve on foot, and enjoy summer nights by walking around the neighborhood. Getting outside improves your mood and trims fat.
  • biking – The Tour de France cycling race takes place in July, but you don’t have to ride 100 miles a day like the pros. Just taking the bike out for a little spin every now and then burns calories. Ditto for inline skating, which turns your fat into muscle.
  • mowing the lawn – You gotta do it, and the good thing is that cutting the grass actually is a pretty good workout. So is gardening, which won’t get your heart pumping fast but has many social and emotional benefits to go with growing healthy food that’s good for your body.
  • tennis – If you’re a competitor, then slamming a ball back and forth with a friend is great exercise, especially since a match involves a few miles’ worth of steps. For a lower level of intensity, try a game of badminton in the yard. Other good options are playing on a softball team or walking a golf course.
  • hit the beach – Joining a game of beach volleyball burns a ton of calories, mostly because it’s hard work moving around in sand! Going for a walk on the beach or throwing a Frisbee around has many of the same weight-loss benefits.


It’s 9 weeks until Labor Day. That’s plenty of time to make a difference in your body. It’s also a good time to consider a weight-loss solution that can drops 3 times as many pounds as diet and exercise alone *.


ORBERA™ is a non-surgical outpatient procedure that can provide rapid weight loss in just 3 months *. Learn more about ORBERA™ at a free seminar this summer. Call 248-283-4009 or sign up here to reserve a space today.


Go for a swim. Get in a kayak. Run in a race. Join a softball team or play tennis with a friend. If you play golf, try walking instead of riding in a cart. Go dancing. Learn martial arts.


* Results may vary


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