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Why you can lose the weight, but can’t keep it off


You diet. You exercise. You diet. You exercise. You diet. You exercise.


Still, the weight won’t stay off.


You just have to work harder, right?


Not exactly. There are reasons that it’s so hard for you just to maintain your weight, while a friend never exercises, eats whatever she wants and still looks great. She’s the strange one. Average people like you have natural obstacles to keeping off the pounds.


There are genetic reasons, age reasons, lifestyle reasons and even sleep reasons that make it hard not to regain weight. Don’t forget the social reasons: Why does there have to be bad food everywhere you go from work to school to church to the concession stand at the soccer field?


Research shows that weight loss is not all about diet and exercise. It’s about the body’s physiology.


If you’re obese, you know from experience that exercising harder isn’t the key to dropping pounds long term. Nutrition and physical activity are only part of the equation. The rest has to do with the natural function of your body.


You have to reboot how your body works. That’s why medical procedures like bariatric surgery are so effective.


But there’s also a non-surgical option. Here at Innovative Bariatrics we perform a less-invasive, outpatient weight loss procedure using the ORBERA™ system. ORBERA™ can drop 3 times as much weight as diet and exercise alone through 6 months *.


Combined with good nutrition and exercise, ORBERA™ not only sheds pounds but can actually change the body’s physiology. It resets your body’s status quo, giving you a fighting chance to keep the weight off long term.

Some people even continue to lose additional pounds after ORBERA™ *.


Diet and exercise alone can work well for people that are just a little overweight, and bariatric surgery can help people who are really obese. But if you’re in the middle, non-invasive ORBERA™ could work for you.


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* Results may vary



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