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How your weight affects your quality of life


Being overweight not only poses a variety of health risks including heart disease, diabetes and some kinds of cancer, but a high BMI (body-mass index) also can cause negative social, emotional and financial effects.


When it comes to your salary, for example, being obese can limit the amount of money you should be earning. Several studies have shown that obesity puts downward pressure on income, reducing pay by thousands of dollars a year in some cases.


A University of Vanderbilt study found that the effect is especially severe for women, who at higher weights are more likely to work in lower-paying, physical jobs than in higher-paying jobs that involve more personal interaction.


Unfortunately, obesity carries a cultural stigma that can foster discrimination on pay, lead to social isolation and lower self-esteem. It can even impact national security.


Here are some byproducts of obesity that may be affecting your quality of life:

  • Loneliness is more common among obese people, who tend to have fewer friends and are less likely to be married. Being lonely can increase susceptibility to illness, accelerate cognitive decline and reduce lifespan.
  • Discrimination in the form of lower pay, bullying, ridicule or prejudice is more likely to be experienced by obese people, who can be perceived as slow, undisciplined, sloppy and lazy.
  • Absenteeism tends to be higher among obese people, who miss work more than people of healthy weight due to weight-related medical conditions.
  • Depression is more likely to develop among obese people, who may struggle with self-esteem because of how they feel about their body.
  • Limited opportunity is available to obese people, who may be ineligible for the military and other kinds of jobs that require a certain level of physical fitness.


The higher a person’s BMI, the greater the risk of health problems including diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease – as well as the social and emotional consequences listed above.


But obesity is preventable. The key is burning more calories than you eat, by getting more regular exercise and eating fewer foods high in saturated fats and sugars.


Diet and exercise also can be paired with a new, non-surgical procedure to accelerate weight loss. With ORBERA™ people can drop weight 3 times faster than just diet and exercise alone *. The system includes individual coaching with a nutritionist or registered dietician for up to one year.


“It’s not surgery. There’s no incision,” said Amy Osthaus, who works at Innovative Bariatrics in Bingham Farms. “Not only do you have a balloon in your stomach, but you’re meeting with a nutritionist every other week to learn better eating habits and an exercise program.”


There have been about 220,000 ORBERA® procedures worldwide, but only a few doctors in Michigan offer this non-invasive weight-loss solution.


* Results may vary



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