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Best weight-loss diets for 2017


The low-carb Atkins Diet can help you lose weight fast, according to a team of medical and nutrition experts that ranked nearly 40 diets on behalf of U.S. News & World Report.


Have you tried that one? Then you might know that it’s not so great for long-term weight loss or heart health. Those “unfavorable” aspects pushed the Atkins Diet down near the bottom of the rankings.


Here are 5 more diets you can go on to lose weight in 2017:

  • Eco-Atkins – healthier than the Atkins Diet, but you can’t eat meat and it can be difficult to follow
  • Jenny Craig – easy to follow, but pre-packaged meals can be costly
  • Biggest Loser – it’s nutritious and you don’t have to swear off any particular food, but it’ll take a lot of exercise
  • Weight Watchers – easy to follow with foods assigned point values and you can eat whatever you want, but there’s a membership fee and it might not be any more effective than other diets
  • HMR Program – replaces meals with home-delivered shakes and bars, but it’s not cheap


Each of the best weight-loss diets can help you shed pounds, but there’s no perfect diet. Some are less nutritious for you, some are harder to follow and some are more expensive. Plus, they all involve exercise.


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